TIPS KNOWING NIKE SHOES AND ORIGINAL ADIDAS OR FAKE – Are you confused to distinguish original (original) or fake (kw) shoes. On this occasion ncrsport will discuss in detail to distinguish a shoe ori or fake.
Basically shoes are only divided into 2 types of original (original) or fake (kw). But many fake shoe sellers often outwit us, by adding sweet words like “Premium Quality”, “KW Super”, “Original Replication”, “Grade Ori”, “Standard Authentic Import”, “Standard Original”, “Guaranteed not KW bro “.



Dizzy gk tuh bro n sis dengernya: D. This is done so that their merchandise is not cheap goods. But I think personally once fake shoe yah false (Although the fake class itself there are levels of quality).

Very often the customer asked me “Gan Nike shoes that ori made in what?”. I’m a bit annoyed with questions like this, why? Because the authenticity of a shoe can not be determined where the country of origin of the shoe was produced. Even Ori and KW shoes Poker Online can come from the same country (But of course different factory and Quality Control). Just so you know Apple branded electronics that in fact are known American companies produce their products in China. So to determine the authenticity of a shoe is not seen in made in which product. Even Original Nike shoes are produced in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Continue if so how to donk bedaiin the same original shoes that kw? Of course we must know the physical characteristics of both types of ori and fake shoes.

The characteristics of Original shoes (Original)

1. All original shoes imported by PT. NIKE definitely has a box, unlike the fake shoes that are not usually included box. Each dus nike does not have the same shape and color, but the box / box of the original shoe must have sticker details such as SKU code, Importer sticker and usage & Care instructions, and have quality control cap. If the shoe box you purchased does not fit the description you need to suspect it.

2. In addition the SKU sticker on the box must match the size tag on the shoe (usually on the tongue of the shoe or in the side shoe) If SKU code is found on different shoes on the box / box you should suspect it.

3. From earlier ngomongin dus mulu nih hehe .. now we see the characteristics of his shoes. Nike or adidas original solenya shoes made of quality rubber (BRS 1000 rubber). We can use our sense of smell. Ori shoes will smell like rubber, but fake shoes will have a glue-like smell and hard as plastic
4. Original shoes will have insole. Usually insole on nike shoes or adidas can we prune to be cleaned. In the original insole shoes made of rubber and at the top where the foot of our foot will be made of cloth that the bahanya very smooth. In contrast to the fake shoes insole on the original shoes will be made in great detail. Usually there will be a nike sticker on the left insole.

5. Sewing on original shoes more neat and more tightly than with fake shoes. But for some people it may be difficult to distinguish the original stitches from the fake without comparing them directly