Sport Shoes, Starting from Running Shoes – The embryo of sports footwear with various types, functions, kinds as well as versions, starting from running shoes (running shoes) which was still designed shoes.

It can not be separated from the Olympic event. It was the Greeks that first presented this grand sporting activity occasion, where time the race was the only sporting activity to contend.

Sport Shoes, Starting from Running Shoes

Sport Shoes, Starting from Running Shoes

With the flow of time, various events started to be included, consisting of wrestling and pentathlon.

Interestingly, the athletes ran first frequently appear nude, other than in the early days of the race, where they still make use of a kind of natural leather loin cloth.

In a race run, regular professional athletes ran barefoot. Along with the development of the Greek realm, many professional athletes from a cooler environment started wearing sandals.

Initially, spectators and also other professional athletes watched this as a novelty and also a kind of nationalism, prior to some of the rough athletes came out as victors.

Using sandals started to be deemed a dishonesty. When it was found that the sole of the shoes raised the charm with the ground and also pushed the front foot with better performance, lots of professional athletes began to take on using this design sandals.

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History of sports shoes

At that time, making use of sandals that are able to “save” the legs from the injury when taking a rocky path, still not optimum, due to the fact that the ankle joint is still open.

On top of that, the model sandals are still unstable and much less comfy to make use of. For that reason, growth is done, among others by including a metal nail to hold the footwear longer.

Ever since, brand-new explorations to further boost sports footwear, began to emerge.

With the development of extreme sporting activity like rafting, emerged sporting activities shoes model that is thought about difficult to “leave” the foot, promoted initially by a sports enthusiast called Mark Tatcher.

This contemporary heel band sandal is called “Teva”, is connected to the foot under any type of conditions. Is Nike, Reebok and Forest that additionally create the presence of this version shoes.